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  • Scary Idioms - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár
  • The Price's Valentine - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár
  • Thanksgiving Day  - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár
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Scary Idioms

skeleton in the cupboard
meaning: a skeleton in the cupboard is something that might bring shame or embarrassment to a family or person if other people knew about it
magyarul: csontváz a szekrényben, olyan "szennyes", amit nem szívesen tereget ki egy család
example: Mrs Duncan had a skeleton in the cupboard: she had been in prison for burglary. - Mrs Duncan-nek is lapult egy csontváz a szekrényében: korábban börtönben ült betörés miatt.

a ghost town
meaning: a ghost town is one that has been abandoned and is no longer inhabited
magyarul: szellemváros
example: Everybody has left the village after the flood and it is like a ghost town now. - Mindenki elhagyta a falut az árvíz után, és most olyan, mint egy szellemváros.

to chill the blood
meaning: if something chills your blood, it scares you
magyarul: megfagyasztja a vért valakiben, megijeszti
example: The screams from the haunted mansion chilled my blood. - A szellemkastélyból jövő sikolyok hangja megfagyasztotta az ereimben a vért.

to stab in the back
meaning: to betray somebody
magyarul: hátbadöfni valakit, hátbatámadni valakit
example: We empolyed him, but he stabbed us in the back by telling lies about us to everyone. - Alkalmaztuk, de ő hátba döfött minket azzal, hogy hazugságokat mondott mindenkinek rólunk.

a night owl
meaning: someone who likes being awake and active at night
magyarul: éjszakai bagoly
example: I'm a night owl, and I do my best work in the evenings and at night. - Éjszakai bagoly vagyok, és a legjobba este és éjjel dolgozom.

to scare the pants off someone
meaning: to frighten somebody
magyarul: halálra rémiszeni valakit
example: Darkness scares the pants off me. - A sötétség halálra rémít.

a Jekyll and Hyde personality
meaning: someone who has two sides to their personality
magyarul: kettős személyisége van
example: Everybody thinks that Paul is a lovely guy, but he can be cruel and heartless. He has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. - Mindenki azt gondolja, hogy Paul egy kedves fickó, de nagyon kegyetlen és szívtelen tud lenni. Olyan, mint Jekyll és Hyde.

to smell a rat
meaning: to be suspicious about something, to suspect that something is not as it appears
magyarul: gyanúsnak érezni valamit, "valami bűzlik" valamivel kapcsolatban
example: The man said we could trust him as he is a lawyer, but I smell a rat. I think he is lying. - A férfi azt mondta, hogy megbízhatunk benne mert ügyvéd, de nekem valami bűzlik. Szerintem hazudik.

Készítette: Takács Ildikó - angoltanár
Forrás: https://www.5percangol.hu/phrasal_verbs_and_idioms_tananyagok/scary_idioms_-_felelmetes_idiomak

The Prince's Valentine

Author Unknown

Once upon a time there was a little Prince, and he wanted to give a valentine to a little Princess who lived in a neighboring kingdom. She was a very beautiful little Princess indeed, for her smile was as bright as her golden hair, and her love for her subjects was as deep as the blue of her eyes.
"What kind of a valentine shall I get for the Princess?" the Prince asked.
"A heart, your Highness; nothing but a heart will do!" said the Court Wise Man.
"A beautiful heart, your Highness; nothing but a beautiful heart will do!" said the Court Ladies.
"A priceless heart, your Highness; nothing but a priceless heart will do!" said the Court Chancellor.
So the Prince started out to get a heart valentine for the little Princess that would be both beautiful and beyond price, and he did not know where to find it.
Before long, though, he came to a jeweller's shop that was full of pretty, costly things to wear. There were pins, and bracelets, and necklaces made of silver and gold, and set with rubies, and sapphires, and emeralds, and diamonds.
"This is the place to find a valentine for the little Princess," thought the Prince, and he selected a diamond heart hung on a gold chain as thin as a thread for the little Princess to wear about her neck.
The Prince gave the jeweller his bag of gold and started out of the shop with the diamond heart in his hand. But he stopped at the door, looking at the heart. It was dull, and no longer shining. What was the matter with it, he wondered. Then he remembered. It was not the right valentine for the little Princess because it had been bought with his bag of gold. So the Prince gave the diamond heart back to the jeweller, and went on again.
After the Prince had gone quite a distance he came to a pastry shop. It was full of delicious things to eat, jam tarts, and little strawberry pies, thickly frosted cakes, and plum buns. In the window of the pastry shop was a huge cake baked in the shape of a heart. It was rich with sugar and spices, and the icing on the top was almost as thick as the cake itself.
"This is the place to find the valentine for the little Princess!" thought the Prince, and he pointed to the great heart cake in the window. "How much must I pay for that cake?" he asked of the pastry cook.
"Oh, you could not buy that cake!" the pastry cook replied. "I made it as a decoration for the shop for Valentine's Day. But I will give it to you, your Highness."
So the Prince thanked the pastry cook, and started out of the shop with the great cake in his arms.
"This must surely be the valentine for the little Princess, because I could not buy it," he thought.
Then the Prince almost dropped the cake. It had suddenly grown too heavy for him to carry. What was the matter with the rich, huge cake, he wondered. Then he remembered. It was not the right valentine for the little Princess because something rich to eat is not beautiful. So the Prince gave the cake back to the pastry cook, and went on again.
Now he went a long, long way, and he came to a bird seller beside the road. He had little gold birds, and bright-colored ones in green basket cages. They were all singing as if their throats would burst, but the Prince could hear one soft note above the others, because it was so clear and sweet. It was the cooing of a little dove who sat in her cage apart from the others. The Prince thought he had never seen such a beautiful little dove, as white as snow, and with rose red feet.
"Why does she sing so much more sweetly than the others?" the Prince asked, pointing to the little white dove.
The bird seller smiled.
"She sings because of her heart," he said. "The other birds sing in the sunshine, but look"-he held up the dove's cage, and the Prince saw that the little white dove had closed, blind eyes. "She sings in the dark because of her happy heart," the bird seller said.
"May I buy her," the Prince asked, "to give as a valentine to a little Princess?"
"Oh, I will give her to you," the bird seller said. "Very few people want to take care of a blind bird."
But the little Princess did. She liked the white dove better than any of her other valentines. She hung her cage in a pink rose tree in the sunniest part of the garden, and she often invited the Prince to sit with her under the tree and listen to the dove's sweet song

Készítette: Takács Ildikó - angol tanár

Forrás: https://www.apples4theteacher.com/holidays/valentines-day/short-stories/the-princes-valentine.html

Traditionally, and in the public mind, the first Thanksgiving Day occurred in 1621 when the Plymouth Pilgrim community joined in a feast with local Indians to celebrate the first harvest that the colonists had reaped on American soil. Indeed, 90 Indians and 53 Pilgrims feasted for three days at that event, and it was an official day of giving thanks to God for his blessings. However, the colonists were only carrying on the Calvinist Protestant tradition of designating special public days of thanksgiving for the blessings of the Almighty. It was not really something new in kind.

The feast probably did include turkey since William Bradford informs us in his Of Plymouth Plantation that the land had a "great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many." Incidentally, there is indication that the colonists were familiar with turkey from back in England, even though it was a native American bird. That is because the Spanish had brought back and popularized turkey in Europe in the 1600's, and in England, it had become a major competitor to goose for Christmas dinners. The exact date of this thanksgiving feast is uncertain, but it seems to have happened in late September or early November.

When is it celebrated?

In the USA: on the fourth Thursday of November

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2018. november

Also called

  • Hallowe'en
  • Allhallowe'en
  • All Hallows' Eve
  • All Saints' Eve



Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31.

It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints; soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating sweet treats.

Some ideas what to prepare for Halloween evening

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2018. október

2017/2018. tanév

  • Valentine's Day English - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár
  • Would you like to live in 3017? Why?
  • Berta Boglárka 7.b
  • Huszár Liliom Zoé 7.a
  • Király Boglár 7.b
  • Ruzsinszky Bálint 7.b

  • New Year's resolution ideas for 2018 - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár

  • Christmas Voacubary - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár

  • Common English Idioms - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár

  • Idoms with colours - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár

  • English with laughter Jokes - Takács Ildikó - angoltanár

Valentine's Day English

Names to call your loved ones:
sweetie-pie, honey, baby, dear, sweetie, darling, babe, love, sweetheart

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Februar 2017.

Would you like to live in 3017? Why?

Would you like to live in 3017? Why?  

  I think one of the films about future will be fulfilled. Maybe even flying cars will exist. However, I don't think that there won't be life in 3017 on Earth.
      Since this kind of advanced technology, it doesn't mean that future life will be a big issue. The technology will be so developed that it can't be imagined today. You don't know what the future will be about. It is hard to choose. But I think, I wouldn't live in 3017.

Berta Boglárka 7/b

Would you like to live in 3017? Why?

I think the Earth in 3017 will be much different.

      The water will be a real treasure because not all will be drinkable. The technology will be much more advanced; maybe robots will control many things. The people will be able to travel to other planets, but everything will be artificial there. We will live in underground homes or we will move in taller skyscrapers. There will be flying cars in the future without drivers. All the things will be automated; we will have to press a button only.
      I wouldn't like this to happen, so I wouldn't like to live in 3017. I would like the nature to stay green and the sky blue. I would like to have children and animals all around the world. I would like to play under trees on a field, and to hike in the mountains and swim in clean lakes.

Huszár Liliom Zoé 7/a

Would you like to live in 3017? Why?

       I would like to live in 3017 because I want to meet the future, and tell the stories about the     past. But if I lived in the future, I would have to learn history again and it would be too much.

      However, I am curious about the technology and the monuments in the Earth. Will be life on the Earth or will we live on another planet? I really hope that our Earth will be safe.

Király Boglár 7/b 

Would you like to live in 3017? Why?

Yes, I would like to live in 3017. I would like to travel by flying cars. I think the life will be better, than today. Everybody will have enough money. We will travel to Mars and other planets. Robots will work everywhere. It will be a special machine which will cook everything. Everyday I will eat pizza. If I want to learn English I can upload it to my brain in ten minutes. We will communicate in telepathic way.
        We will wash without water. I can install the new trend on my clothes and it changes. There will be 3D's and holographic games. In a minute I will teleport to everywhere. We will meet UFOs. 
I would like to know the future. 

Ruzsinszky Dávid 7.b

Teacher: Jenei Gabriella

New Year's resolution ideas for 2018

1. Turn your phone off
Try and switch your smartphone off a bit more. We're pretty sure your family would rather you looked them in the eye and told them about your day. Ignore this if you are reading this article on your phone.
2. Remember your manners
A simple please and thank you addressed to someone's eyes when they serve you in a shop or cafe will brighten both your days. You might even get a thank you back.
3. Go to the theatre
4. Stop buying material goods

Food is fine but cheap disposal fashion is not. Ditch the sweatshop addiction and try and do six months surviving on what you own already, it might be liberating.
5. Walk to work
It's an oldie but a goldie. Get off a stop early on your way to work or at the end of the day and add some footsteps to your journey. It helps to clear your head.
6. Read a book
Whether it be through supporting your local library or via that Kindle you were given by Santa, why not hit the classics? Try Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island or one by J.R.R. Tolkien, for some rewarding escapism.
7. Visit an elderly relative
It's well known we are an ageing population and loneliness is on the rise so grab a packet of chocolate biscuits and scoot around to your auntie or Gran and make their day with an hour of your time.

A 2018-as évre vonatkozó Újévi fogadalmom ötleteket Takács Ilikó tanárnő állította össze.
January 2017.

Merry Christmas!  and Happy New Year!

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Common English Idioms

Beggars can't be choosers

A person who is in a position of poverty or has no power to bargain with cannot choose what they will be given.

I want the new iPhone, but it's too expensive, so I will have to settle for the old one. Beggars can't be choosers!

Catch 22

To be in a catch 22 is to find yourself in a situation that has no escape without unhappy or damaging consequences.

Dad, can you help me? I am in a catch 22 at work.

In two minds

Two people have very different ways of thinking because they have two separate minds. So, to be in two minds describes how we feel when we cannot decide whether to do one thing or another.

I am in two minds about ending my relationship with Kenny; he is adorable, but I don't think he is my type.

It's a no-brainer

When the decision is so obvious and requires little or no thought, it is said to be a no-brainer.

My homework is a no-brainer today.

It's a win, win.

A situation that will have beneficial results for everyone involved is called a win-win scenario.

Alice is going to the movies and Mary is going shopping, it's a win-win.

Keep my options open
A person who does not commit to any one thing because they like to be able to choose what they want to do at the last possible moment.

I haven't decided which University I am going to yet. I would like to keep my options open.

On the fence

A fence divides two sides, so if we are on the fence, we are undecided. We are in the middle.

I was on the fence about which company to work for because both had offered me great jobs.

Out of the frying pan into the fire

A frying pan is used to describe a bad situation because it is a hot and unfriendly place to be.
However, a fire is even worse than a frying pan. Therefore to go out of the frying pan into the fire means to go from a bad situation to an even worse one.

Susie went out of the frying pan into the fire when she screamed at the customers.

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December 2017.

Idoms with colours

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November 2017.


- Why are you so sad, my boy?
- Because my brother has a holiday and I haven't.
- Oh, dear. And why is that?
- I don't go to school yet.

-Who helped you to draw this map, Jack?
- Nobody, sir.
- Didn't your brother help you?
- No, sir. He drew it all himself.

- Yesterday I sent my son for two pounds of apples
and you sent a pound and a half.
- My scales are all right. Did you weight your son?

- Don't pull the cat's tail.
- I'm only holding it.

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Oktober 2017.